Friday, 2 September 2016

How To Write Blog Posts In Blogger

Ofcourse you visited and find it cool and perhaps have made up your mind to jump into the blogging field and own a blog? Reach out to thousands of people?. Great!! We loved that.
Write Blogger Blog Posts
You need to know how to create/write posts on blogger first.

Follow me as I show you around how to make your posts on blogger.

Step 1.

Login to your blogger dashboard.

Step 2.

Locate your blog and click on it.
You'll be taken to the overview page.

Step 3.

You will see a handful of options, locate NEW POSR and click it.

Step 4.
You will be taken to your post editor with a blank body to insert your content, or write it there.

Step 5.

If you've already written your content on your word document, just copy it and paste it.
To Bold, Italic, or Underline sentences, just highlight the sentence you want and hover to the top of the post editor you'll see some horizontal options.
Here's a lay down on how they work.
  1. B= Bold
  2. I= Italic
  3. U= Underline

Step 6.
After you are through with that, go to the top of the post page and you'll see a wide horizontal space to input your post title. After you have inserted the post title..move in to step 7.
Step 7.
Just beside the post title, you'll see options to publish, save, or cancel. Click on Publish. Conclusion:


Big credits to you, you have just created your first blogger post, and can share it with your friends or audience.

Next we'll be going a little advanced on How To Add Keywords In Your Blogger Posts.

See you then.
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Easiest Method To Stop Whatsapp From Working On Android Phones Without Turning Off Your Data

Easiest Method To Stop Whatsapp From Working  On Android Phones Without Turning Off Your Data

Do you know you can stop whatsapp from working even when your data is on?

For the past days now,i personally has been finding it hard to stop my whatsapp when my data is turned on because sometimes i dont want to be receiving messages from a particular person or a group.

So i researched about it and many methods i find online doesnt prove to work but after everything,I got an easy method.

What is this method i found about?

Follow this simple method.

1. Search And Download The Latest Update Of DX TOOL BOX Apk.

2. Click On The Icon At The Top Right Of DX TOOL BOX Home Page.

3. Goto System Settings.

4. Click On Master Float Window And Turn It ON.

5. You Have Successfully Configured The DX TOOL BOX App, Now Exit To Your Normal Phone Home Page And You Will Always See A Floating Icon On Your Screen .

6. When Ever You Want To Stop Your Whatsapp, Click On That Floating Icon, It Will Bring Out All The Running Applications So Click The Whatsapp icon And Click Force Stop.

Your Whatsapp Will Automatically Stop And You Wont Be Able To Receive Messages Again From Friends Or Groups Until You Re Open The Whatsapp.

This Is The Easiest Method One Can Use To Stop His Whatsapp From Working On Android Phones Without Turning Off Your Data.

KindlyReshare To Friends.
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

What you should know about the just concluded TV series ' The Night Of '

This TV series is about a young man who went to party with a female stranger, after the night of partying, the Young man wakes up to find the girl stabbed to death and he is charged with her murder.
The film only has 8 episodes and it was just concluded on Sunday 28th of August.
This TV series The Night Of is a great film and I recommend it to every youth to watch.

Why do I want you to watch this film?
I want you to watch this film because there are many lessons to learn.
1. Do not run away when you didn't commit any crime, running away makes you a number one suspect, Naz Khan the main suspect of the murder was a victim of this, he ran away because he doesn't want to be accused.
2. Always try to know if you can help in any situation, naz Khan saw that the girl he just slept with is stabbed, he didn't care to check her pulse to know if she still breathes or if she is still alive. We should be each others keeper .
3. Illicit drugs? Naz Khan couldn't remember what happened at night because he was drank and high, they played with some harmful objects just because of drugs, smoking and drinking can harm you in a lot way you do not expect... It can even get you killed.
4. Adapt a new life if it can keep you alive, Nasir Khan adapted a new life in prison, he turned wild in prison, he forgot his old life and embraced the new one just for survival. He answered The Call Of The Wild.
The prison inmates bullied him to a time that he couldn't allow it to continue,  he became bad, he breaked bad like the 50 years old physics teacher in the TV Series '' Breaking Bad ".
The season 1 of this series was just concluded some days ago, is there any updates about the season 2?
There is no update yet, maybe the show haven't received enough reviews so far but I strongly believe that there must be a new season coming soon.
The film is too interesting to quit at 1st season.
Naz was finally released and we don't know the culprit yet, that's why there must be a new season because everyone especially me would like to know who committed the cold blooded murder.
If you haven't watched this film The Night Of, I recommend you go and download it today.
More reviews about some interesting TV shows will be updated on this blog.
Kindly share this post to friends.
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Monday, 15 August 2016

Top 10 Sure Tips To Enhance Conversion Rate In Affiliate Marketing

Those who are in affiliate marketing business, there are basically two prime solutions to raise your income. One is to put your maximum efforts in driving more and more traffic to the website and second is to concentrate on enhancing conversion rate. In simple words, we are trying to say that if you want to get maximum profit out of your affiliate marketing, then give your best to grow traffic and follow effective ways to grow the conversion rate.

It is like you have a website where around 1,000 visitors come every day and such website would probably have 1% rate of conversion. In an attempt to double this traffic to increase your income, you should focus on conversion rate.


Therefore, marketers should understand that conversions have more value than mere traffic. Here, we have listed top 10 surefire ways to grow conversion rate in affiliate marketing.

#1: Pen Down About The Topic That You Are Good In-

It can be anything – fashion, clothing, eatables, outings, party, events, celebrity life, TV shows, movies etc. as there are countless things around where you may have a keen interest. Following your interest, you should convert it to a form of writing and then present it to your audience to make them know about your passion.


It is simply easy as you just need to think of a topic which you think is profitable. Taking an example of “Health & Fitness” where you can write about tips to lose weight or exercises to reduce the unwanted fat etc. Teach others how to stay fit and various benefits of healthy living. Thus, you see there are countless things on which you can write about. So, it is actually a wonderful idea where you exhibit your passion and in return to earn money as well.

Just remember that whichever topic you choose to write on, it has to be from the niche you are expert in or your website belongs to.

#2: Enable Visitors’ Commenting & Respond Each Of The Comments-

When you start a new website or a new blog, you may feel a little discouraged in the beginning as it is quite difficult to make visitors comment on a blog post or website post. So, the best idea to get them comment on the post is to first get those people who you already know. Start with inviting your family members, friends and close ones and ask them to comment on your posts or give their views in the form of “Comment”.

If, you want more comments on your “Blog Posts”, then another idea is to use “” or any such website where you can easily find out people to comment on many of your posts for few bucks.

A piece of advice is: do whatever comes to your mind to seed the commenting section in your blog or website, you main focus should be to initiate comments.

It is often seen that people hesitate to be the first to “Comment” anywhere. So, when you already fill that space of the first commenter, they won’t mind commenting further. When they will see 3 or more comments on a post, they would happily comment and share their views on your posts.


Additionally, it is equally important to encourage people to take part in an ongoing discussion as it helps in developing a relation with the visitors of a website.

Being a website owner, it is your prime responsibility to respond each comment whether it is negative or positive. You will find many comments from visitors who may disagree with the claims you made relating your product or services. So, do not take any comment personally, but with full authority and grace, respond them back in the best possible way.

While responding to commenters, your tone and language should not be offensive, but it should reflect as you care for their concerns and their views as well. This is all you need to do to make a good bonding of your visitors with your blog or website and thus, ultimately it results in turning the visitors in conversions.

The Important thing to keep in mind is: reply every commenter, be alert, showcase your involvement and show your concern for their views and concerns.

#3: Add Minimum 2 New Posts Or Articles Every Week:

Generally, people or online users prefer to go on an updated website. A website that has an outdated information is often rejected by users. So, try to add new posts or articles frequently. If you find it difficult to add posts daily, then make it at least 2 or 3 posts every week.

Most of the website owners do not get that much time to write an article on their own. In such scenario, get your articles written from any external source. Hire a Content Writer” or “a Freelancer” to get articles written from them.

Getting articles or blog posts written from freelance writing service providers is a common practice that most of the website owners or marketers are engaged in. Once you have a competent writer associated with you, there will be no headache of getting quality written content done for any of your purposes. To hire writers, there are multiple platforms that marketers use in which few of them are:

So, whichever platform you choose to find a quality writer or you write the content yourself, the only point is: to update your website with fresh and quality content in a regular interval.

A Stale website is not merely a reason of lower conversion rate, but also affects the website traffic to a great extent.

#4: Give Potential Buyers Some Lucrative Choices-

To turn your visitors in the end customers, the best idea is to give them more than one choice. Pushing only single option of services or a product can sometimes develop a wrong picture in the mind of the potential customer. As when you say that it is the only thing you should register for; can be a major drawback for most of the visitors. So, provide them different options.

Example: If you are into a hosting services business, then while talking about your services, if you talk about any other similar service provider like or etc, then it will develop a positive picture of your in the minds of users. So, while giving the example of any of your preferred websites, give few other options also.

Thus, you can present 3 or 4 varied similar affiliate products along with your own affiliate product which will be the top recommendation from you. This is a proven tactic that gives a certain increase in conversion rates.

#5: Present A Feel Of Urgency-

Presenting a feel of urgency is one of the most critical aspects that plays a great role in increasing conversions in affiliate marketing.

People want to have a reason why they should sign up immediately on your site. So, you should ready with that “Reason”.  The longer a user takes to purchase a product, the harder they get to be converted as end customers who make a purchase. Thus, give them a strong reason to get the benefit of signing up during a certain period of time.

To create a feel of urgency, you can add following taglines…
  • Time To Sign Up!
  • Offer For Limited Period!
  • Offer Untill The Supplies Last!
  • Last Chance To Grab This Deal!
  • Buy One Get One Offer – Going To Expire Soon!
  • Get Everything At 50% Discount!
  • Enjoy Instant Results!
  • Don’t Wait Too Long!

All of these phrases are quite famous as many marketers use them during promotions of their company products or services. Each of them helps in bringing remarkable outputs. So, just create a feel of urgency and see how astonishingly you get desired outcomes in the form of higher conversions in your affiliate marketing program.

Generally, customers try to find out a good excuse to pull a trigger and this excuse is hidden in these phrases or in your action of creating a feel of urgency. So, implement it and see how greatly it work in increasing conversion rate of your website.

#6: Proudly Showcase Testimonials-

The testimonials on the websites have a great potential to give a boost to your conversion rate of the website. They are huge and effective. They are the proven solution that enhances conversion rates dramatically. So, what to do to get a positive testimonial from your customers? How to make your customers post genuine testimonials on your website?

It is very easy to implement as you just need to ask your customer or subscriber whenever you get an email comprising of positive feedback from them, request them to share that feedback publicly. If their answer is in affirmative, ask them to provide you with their picture. Mostly, people do not like posting a picture on the web, especially on other’s website. But if you get one or more then it is a good thing as a testimonial with an image adds more value and helps in boosting conversion rate. So, it actually makes a huge difference.

In addition to it, you can also ask from the companies to which you are working for promoting. They can provide you with some useful testimonials to add in your website. If, you are on promoting larger products, then there are greater chances for you to get testimonials from people saying positive things about you.

#7: Start Including Videos-

The use of videos is becoming quite prevalent these days and as a majority is tending towards them, so it is growing bigger with time. Today, YouTube is ranked 2nd in search engine globally which is owned by top-most search engine – Google which ranks the videos of YouTube high in the search results. Though in this attempt of uploading videos, you will merely get lots of traffic, but if your videos are personal, then you will gain the trust of viewers more than anything as videos are more receptive in comparison to text articles.

To get engage with videos, there is not much to do, but just get some camera art and that is all. A basic camera is enough to start making videos or either a web-cam can also work initially. You just need to talk in your camera as you talk with your friend. Give all information in form of a “General Talk” as you are clearing facts and features of a product to your friend and that is all. Apart of it, you can also take advantage of using a PPT presentation as it is not requisite to be on camera always.

In addition, you may choose some helpful sources to make effective and animated videos such as Sparkol, GoAnimate etc. So, no need to go out from your home, but make videos right from your home and upload it on YouTube to increase conversion rates of your affiliate marketing.

Videos work wonderfully for traffic generation as well as in boosting conversions.

#8: Attractive Email Marketing-

Email Marketing is a common practice that many of the digital marketers are engaged in. But, here only email marketing is not enough to increase your conversions of your affiliate marketing. You need “more” to make it happen. To get the most of your visitors on the email list, you should lure them by offering something lucrative. Anything that you can use as giveaways can work to attract subscribers. Offer free ebook, free access of something relating your company or free report that should be exclusive to email subscribers. When, people will have an attractive incentive to share their email, they would not mind providing it to you.
Engaging in Email Marketing randomly will end up your effort by putting your email in spam that most often people do with unknown emails.

Once, you get one on your email list, you may send them required or updated information regularly. Your focus should not only on providing sales ads to them but try some ways that bring visitors back to your website again and again. The more they come to your website, the more chances to get them purchase a product from the affiliated companies. With extra visibility on your site, you can expect a sure conversion rates of your visitors.

Thus, give your best to make visitors come back to your site again and again over time and see, how astonishingly you see a growth in conversions.

#9: Be Active On Social Media Websites-

Social media has become one of the most favourite marketing solutions for all sorts of businesses. When it comes in increasing conversion rates of your affiliate marketing, you can have a great advantage of choosing social media platforms. I personally recommend of using “social media” as it helped me in growing my businesses unexpectedly. There are countless social media platforms available in which Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are the top-most platforms. So, it can be used as the best traffic source for your website. Today, a number of affiliate marketers are using social media websites from where they get millions of web visitors every month on their site. That means incredible revenue and business growth.

So, if you have yet not started using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to promote your posts or website, then it is a right time to switch to these networks. Believe me! These networks have phenomenal potential to convert your visitors to end customers. Just you need to be master of using these sites and that is all to start having astonishing advantages.

# 10: Take Help Of CTPM Process-

Used by all successful affiliate marketers, CTPM process has become a proven solution that helps in growing the web traffic and enhances the conversion rates brilliantly. If you are completely unaware of what CTPM process is; then it is a right time to learn more about it. Basically, CTPM stands for:
  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Pre-sell
  • Monetize

Just by knowing the full form of CTPM process, you should not expect your success, but you must require to get a complete knowledge of what CTPM process actually and what it is involved of. Once, you have a clear understanding of this process, you can certainly enjoy remarkable affiliate marketing success by getting unexpected conversions.
Those who do not get involved to CTPM process, often end up losing huge dollars to their competitors.

Wrap Up-


So, these are top 10 proven ideas that can enhance your affiliate marketing conversion rates and result in thousands of dollars each month. So, what are you waiting for, just try them and see how speedily your income graph rises up. 
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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Why Your Posts Lack Social Engagement

Your online networking flops for a considerable measure of reasons, yet it, a rule comes down to significantly more than your unique post marketing effort.

We should keep this short and basic: if your post is not getting shared, it doesn’t mean you are publishing an awful post. Despite the fact that it may be. Online networking (social media) flops frequently nowadays for bloggers as compare to its success. In some cases there is incredible information behind a crappy title. We all know great and interesting posts get shared.

So, here are some of the basic and unknown reasons for why your posts are not getting shared.
Let’s get started to read them!

1-      Unpleasant Title of your Post
Some of the man’s choice to share your post depends on a title, which is bolstered by the way that Tony Haile, Chief of Chartbeat, reports that there is successfully no connection between the social shares and persons actually reading. So fundamentally a dominant part of individuals don’t click an article to read it before retweeting an awesome featured article.

2-      Small length Post
Mostly people share long and thin length posts. Not like your grand dad’s thick beard content: D- they believe they are really latent, aggressively bookmarking for themselves by presenting on their social media pages. On that note, when the post is too thick, numerous individuals may just bookmark and they never read to the end.
This is a peril if your objective is to increase your traffic and want to get your posts shared.

3-      Bad Graphics
Your online networking flops in light of the fact that there are no graphics and representation in your blog post. This is the main and basic knowledge for you, if you are a writer or a blogger that you should do your posts presentation well done.
Data scientists are agreed with this that your content would be share if your blog post have good graphics. People share post with good presentation, we all know this fact.
Furthermore, you can also add 3-4 pictures in your post, it will give a good look to your post and the chances of retweet will be higher as well. You will get double response. But, the images or pictures should be of high quality.
So, you have any great doodlers in your group? Will you select a planner into your online networking endeavors? It will be justified and worth it.

4-      Bad Quality or Copied Post
If you are writing a post for your blog, then it must be in your mind that you are writing a quality wise blog post for your clients, it should be not copied from anywhere. Otherwise, it happens mostly that people read the same knowledge at any where and give you bad remarks of copied content and don’t share your post. So, it is important and essential part of the blogging. Post should be like no one knows it exists anywhere and the people are reading it first time.
Moreover, your content or post should be search engine optimized, without any doubt you in some days you will receive good traffic, vibes, and followers plus the good shares on social media platforms as well.

5-      You haven’t Hired  Professional Content Marketing Experts
Still now, you haven’t conveyed anything to the table. No matter of long or short posts and very much outlined, creative or designed content/post, none of those focuses matter if the post you are publishing is lousy. But make sure invest some of your amount on content marketing expert as well.
Content/Post marketing expert hiring is a good idea for every blogger. Marketer work is to spread your website posts to any where. So, he can do this work well.

Don’t turn your writers or developers into online networking specialist; they can’t do that work as perfect as like the professional content marketer.

6-      There is no Writing Power and Voice in your Post
There is no voice. What does it mean?
I am letting you know,
It doesn’t mean that you have to post videos again and again in your posts to raise your speaking power or voice regarding the knowledge of your posts, but you have to increase your composing power, you have to give your post a strong voice.
Posts don’t get bother with an indulgent story to have a voice. They simply should be close to your personal life and experience; your post should behave like an expert author or specialist, who is writing, rather than an intern person who research a topic and write for your blog.

7-      Boring Posts
This is also the main reason that people don’t share your posts on their social media platforms. You have to be interesting by yourself as well during composing your blog post. Your post must be knowledgeable for your customers, don’t bore your visitors by writing such an awful and boring post.
You must have to read the tricks that how good post can be written for more visitors and for more sharing towards social media.

8-      Aggressive way of writing
One more cause of not sharing is an aggressive way of writing; you must have to write your post in a polite manner and in a friendly way as well.
Moreover, always ask your visitors for comments and experience of reading your post. You will get good interaction with your visitors. By your speaking and polite way of writing they will subscribe you and will be updated with your blog always.

9-      Late Replies of Comments
This is also a basic cause of your post for not getting shared.
Always do early and fast replies to your visitors for their answers, so they will co-ordinate you more.

So, hope you have read a lot of causes for which your posts are not getting shared. Concentrate on the above points you will be expert in some days and will cover all your mistakes.
Share an experience of your writing and blogging with me; also do suggestions if you want to see more improvements in my posts. I will be glad to answer you.

See you again in my next post.

Good Luck!
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7 Ways to Promote your Posts

You are a good writer, if you have an excellent ability to write new and updated things.
So, if you compose an astounding and focused content, hit the publishing option, then offer or share it a couple of times on the online social media platforms.

So, let’s begin to discuss more deeply how can you share or how can you promote your posts.
The Question: What are the good ways to promote my blog posts?

This is normally a most common question by every person rather he is a marketer, blogger, and businessman or anyone, who is working in the world of internet. And as we know, in this modern era promoting anything (rather you talk about brands post or any other posts) is becoming more popular.

Everyone is just running to develop his business through marketing, promoting or etc and this is only possible, if you have the good traffic, or if you know the tricks of how to pull traffic towards your website’s posts.
These are so many things you have to do for an effective and a successful website. Not only you just need to see that, your post is well written with good grammar, related to the new and latest topics or with good keywords but you also have to see that you are promoting your posts correctly or not? Because this is the only way you can earn back from your hard work, you will get your posts fan and might be possible that you can get your customers even, so it’s all depend on that how much hard work you are doing to promote your blog and blog posts for receiving the traffic.

Now, I am going to tell you the 7 ways to promote your new piece of your blog.

1-      Promote your Posts through Social Media

This is tremendously and may appear like an easy decision, yet there are still bloggers who are completely using social media platforms for promoting their posts.
At the point, when Brittany a famous blogger publish her post on her blog, she do these things written below, you can say it’s her posting plans.

·         *        Facebook post
·         *        1-2 Instagram posts
·        *         Pinterest pins
·        *         Twitter tweets

And I also follow these plans to promote my posts as well, with the exception of instagram. It is such a timesaver and gives top to bottom investigation, for example, best posting times and number of social shares.
I additionally keep on posting regarding the blogging tips and promotion of your posts. So be updated with my blog.

2-      Promote your Posts through Email Marketing

Sending a communication to your supporter is an awesome approach to expand movement to your post. I regularly like to send email to my subscribers every morning, because email is one of the first thing the person checks daily.
But for promoting your posts through email marketing, you must have the email list. On the off chance if you don’t have an email list, get one now.

3-      Promote your Posts through Guest Blogging

Guest posting is the point at which you make unique and quality content to be advanced on another person’s website.
But why you need to compose content for anyone’s site, don’t you prefer to pull traffic towards your posts?
Yes, and that is thing it will do. You will influence the other web journal’s crowd (ideally greater than yours) and you will be allowed to share or impart your written content or links with the new crowd on anyone’s website.
Moreover, when you do this, you will automatically get a good crowd on your own website’s post.

4-      Promote your Blog Posts by Commenting on other Websites

This is used to be a terrible and bad practice among web advertisers to pick up backlinks to their site to expand SEO esteem. You may in case see these spam remark today yet they are commonly picked off by your spam channel.
Certifiable or genuine remarks (comments); be that as it may, it gives an incredible approach to advance your blog entry on other prominent sites to increase new guests.
I recommend you to do it with some restraint (one remark that contains one connection for every post).
      By doing this, there is good chance to achieve traffic.

5-      Promote your Blog Posts by Contacting Different Influencers

Make a run down of influencers (with respective to your niche) that might take keen interest in your content. They may discover your post valuable and then share your post on social media platforms.
But for this, your post must have to be unique, interesting, friendly and quality wise. Readers should feel that they are reading that content first time.
I would begin with Twitter and Facebook as it is simpler for the top influencers to impart a connection or link to their adherents which means followers. It is somewhat harder to discover top influencers to share by means of Instagram so Facebook and twitter will be easier for the beginners.

6-      Promote your Posts by Adding own Copy Right Videos within Your Blog Post

Adding video to compliment a blog entry/post is another incredible approach to build your post valuable and increase traffic.
Record a 30 seconds or 1 minute video presenting your blog post and transfer it to YouTube, Vimeo, and so forth. This works especially well with instructional exercises according to niches. You will be begin to see traffic originating from these sites with guests needing to take in more.

7-      Promote your Blog Posts through Submitting your Website or Post Links to Content Discovery Sites

Sites, for example, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg have enormous traffic of those individuals who love to spend time on internet or love to read good content anytime.
Discover the categories similar to your blog posts and share them with the groups. Simply ensure you read the principles first before presenting a connection with your post, because their guidelines will prevent your content or post from spamming.

So these are the 7 ways to promote your website or blog posts, hope you will surely follow these, and increase the traffic.
Keeping updated with my blog, you will see more things.
So, will see you again in my next coming post.

Good Luck!
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Saturday, 13 August 2016

A-Z Guide To Start WordPress Blog

An A to Z Tutorial to start a Spartan WordPress site

Starting a Wordpress Site From Scratch? Then this is the best guide for you.

All right! So you have finally decided to stand out from the crowd of digital werewolves and weave your own nest in the World Wide Web.
The very thought of doing what you believe in is like experiencing nirvana without trying too much for it. But even as Spartans had to wage a war against the most terrifying monsters for their immortality, launching a Wordpress site might also seem like climbing Mount Everest if you don’t know A B C of the entire process. So to help you create an attractive Wordpress site sans clichéd digital tantrums, we have got you an A to Z guide to launch a WordPress Site/Blog From Scratch , at your doorstep. The idea is to use more time for developing business than building a website. Here we go:
Website planning
Working on creating a Wordpress site without a well-thought detailed plan is like watching Lionel Messi doing salsa with football on the ground that has no goal posts whatsoever (There is just no fun in it) You got to have a target. It is essential. So what you can first do is do some research around to know the kind of website you want to run. It will also help you have an idea of the structure of your site. In fact, research is not always important to understand what you want, but also important for what you don’t want. You get to know about the mistakes made by other people and this enlightens you in a way. In the beginning, you can try brainstorming the following ideas:
  • Try to find out what you really want to achieve from your Wordpress site. Think about this from business and personal perspective.
  • Know your audience. Understand who would be visiting your website the most. People visiting your website frequently should have something unique in store for them. Plan accordingly.
  • Content plays a very tricky role. Your audience should know about your business the moment they land on your digital plot. A lot goes into doing that. Work hard on it. Give it some time.
  • Apart from what you want to show to your audience, you want your audience to react to your content and make a move. What if you can influence their moves? Instead of waiting for them to make a move, force them to make a move. Figure out what you want them to do—join mailing, purchase a product or just make a query.
  • Once you have brainstormed all the above mentioned ideas, you start writing as much detail about all of them as much you can. This is actually very important in the planning phase. The more details you will have, the easier it will be to structure your website. The idea is to have it in your imagination first before it has been created in reality.
    Brand identity
    From Jackie Chan fighting for it in Who am I to Guy Ritchie loosing it after every 15 minutes in the cult thriller Memento, identity is essential for existence of anything and anyone.
    You should understand the art of creating a strong brand identity that leaves an imprint on your audience. The idea behind branding yourself or your business is that people can recall you the moment they see your logo or hear about you or your product anywhere.
    The idea is to have a strong recall value that is not possible without a strong brand identity. Why don’t you ask yourself the following questions before you foray into creating a strong brand value?
    1. What do you want your audience to recall about you the moment they hear about you?
    2. What message do you want them to receive after seeing your logo?
    3. How can you stand out from other blood-sucking Zombies like you on the World Wide Web?
    4. What is your vision?
    5. What value is there for your audience?
    Try to find a way to define your brand identity. Design a plan that reflects the way you want your website and your brand to communicate with your audience.
    1. Think about your logo. How should it be? How should it communicate it with your audience?
    2. Select the right fonts and colors that go really well with your brand and logo. If you are not really good at it then you can even hire a me to do the job. This can reflect your ideas well on your website.
    Hosting and domain name
    In this virtual world, your domain name is the address of your business and your hosting account is the plot on which you have built your virtual office. In this virtual office, you will have all your files and other important documents stored. So it is important to have a domain that can help your audience find you on the go irrespective of where they really are:
    1. Your domain name should clearly tell about what you do. It should reflect the core purpose of your business, your logo.
    2. A lot of businesses tend to have their domain names like they are Da Vinci Codes. Hard to break. Keep them short, simple, and easy to recall. Don’t be Dan Brown! (:-)
    There are loads of companies out there that sell both hosting and domain name. There is specifically one that I always recommend for my clients and start-ups because of they're just That GOOD You can buy both of them from the same company if you get a good offer. There is a specific coupon designed for customers from this blog that you can use.. <
    Install the Zombie (WordPress)
    The old classic drop-dead gorgeous Zombie in the world of web development is WordPress. And it’s now time to have it in your lamp and host some magic. There are loads of companies out there that provide easy installation of WordPress. You can even check out some video tutorials on installing WordPress on Youtube.
    Get the WordPress theme
    Start WordPress Site Since you have already acquired the best in town domain name and hosting, it’s now time to be a part of your own version of Project Runway by trying to style and design your own beloved website. There is a host of some incredibly beautiful WordPress themes available for you on the web that can’t just imagine. Free WordPress themes are great but there are some extra benefits with themes that you can buy. Here are some: Extra features for more customization. WordPress developer support for any type of technical glitches while installing. Plugins to increase functionality of a particular theme. There are some more. You got to buy them to experience all of them. Step-by-step guide to install a WordPress theme First of all go to the WordPress dashboard. Then go to Appearance—Themes Click Add New button Click Upload Theme button Now click Choose File and select the zip theme file from your computer to upload. Now click on Install Now button And finally click Activate link. Once you are done installing the WordPress theme, you are now required to let run your creativity go wild in the woods of imagination. Customize it all your way. Add a dash of your own branding with a tinge of uniqueness, colors, and fonts. You can now also have a logo uploaded. And if you are not really sure about installing it all on your own or customize your site your way, then you can even hire professionals to do the task for you. They will install and customize your WordPress site and theme so that you can focus on hypnotizing your audience and building the business. You can also create content meanwhile. Launching the rocket high in the sky Start WordPress Blog Congratulations and high time to celebrate the glory of finally starting your WordPress site. You can check out how to Build Authority Backlinks To Your Site Easily. Thanks..
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